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The couple in this story put a great deal of planning into making their celebration very interactive. They were a lot of fun to talk with because the future bride as well as the groom were very involved in deciding just how they wanted their festivities to unfold. I had worked with the bride to be on numerous occasions and was well aware of the fact that she is a person who likes details. I like details too, so I knew that this would really be fun. Additionally, over the years I had known the bride, I became aware of her great love for chocolate. It was no surprise that she wanted her wedding cake made of a particularly delicious chocolate cake recipe with raspberry and chocolate mousse filling. It was almost a given that this would also be an affair designed with as much of the color pink as possible. A beautiful pink gown made by the bride's mother who is a most accomplished seamstress set the tone as things got rolling.

Back to the interactive quality that I mentioned earlier... the couple decided that instead of having one big cake to cut and distribute, that they would rather have smaller wedding cakes as centerpieces on each table along with cutting utensils so that guests could enjoy bigger pieces of cake than the traditional 1"x2"pieces. This "homestyle" approach proved to be fun for the guests. In all 17 small cakes graced the tables with one three tiered stacked cake as a centerpiece on the bride and groom's table. The picture below shows a few of the tables. The bride and groom's table is at the left with a special three tiered cake. The top cake frosted in pink is a bride's cake. See a separate photo of it at the end of this story once it was removed from the freezer to serve as a special dessert on the couple's first anniversary.




Photograph of individual cakes on tables.



Here is a photograph of the big cake as it was being cut. The top tier had been removed and it was a matter of minutes until only crumbs remained.

Photograph of the big cake being cut.

Here is what the bride had to say after her little cake was unwrapped and thawed for their first anniversary."Amazingly even after four freezer switches and a 400 mile sit in a car to Rhode island, it still looked great and tasted even better! Thanks for the tips on wrapping it up and for making such a wonderful cake in the first place!"

Photograph of the bride's cake one year later.

I am always so delighted when I hear from the wonderful people who invited me to be part of their wedding stories. Best wishes always!

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