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        SAID daily, phrased in the present and stated in courageous, positive terms, affirmations represent the best that life has to offer. Many people don't realize how simple it really is to discover and use life's gifts which are already on their paths.

     Affirmations are the tools of spiritual transformation. Practice them daily with care, confidence, and growing self-knowledge. Their simplicity enhances daily life as they inspire and energize their users with a powerful and positive outlook.

     Affirmations are generally quite short and to the point. This is why they lend themselves so well to a card format. When paired with engaging images they present a beautiful world and are a perfect way to start the day as well as prepare the night for a wonderfully restful and restorative sleep.

     The 45-card Square of Life Affirmation Card Deck consists of  eight different affirmations in each of the five suits. The suits are LOVE, Healing, Prosperity, Intuition and I-Cards.  Additionally, a unique feature is included in the deck. Each suit contains one card which has no affirmation on the front. The user is able to design custom affirmations of choice using  the “free text” cards.  The free text card templates are characterized by a different layout. They are printed unglued,  showing the card  FRONT and card BACK next to each other when they are opened flat. They open this way in order to be easily scanned and printed on a sheet of card stock.  The desired custom affirmations can be applied either in the user's own handwriting or in any computer font. Once printed, this time with the custom affirmation added, the new card is neatly finished by being cut, scored, spray-glued and folded.

     This deck, besides becoming a wonderful tool to use for the process of personal spiritual transformation, provides users the opportunity to create any number of additional affirmation cards which can be shared with others. The cards make wonderful gifts to encourage, inspire, comfort and enrich lives. As users of The Square of Life Affirmation Cards enjoy this deck and create their own cards  to share, positive energy will become magnified and lend a valuable contribution to the world. It is interesting to note that the owners of the original deck may never know what positive results they have initiated. That is undoubtedly just one of the wonderful gifts that The Square of Life Affirmation Cards generate.

           Have fun! Welcome to one of life's most incredible journeys.




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