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   THE mind-body connection has been long recognized as a powerful realm worthy of continued in-depth investigation and research. Many sources view disease or as some would say dis-ease, as an imbalance originating within the body. When the imbalance occurs, the mind transmits messages about what is happening in the body, causing the problem. Paying attention to the message of pain, for example, can open the pathway to the body's own ability to heal from within. Healing affirmations are an excellent way in which to restore a healthy balance in the body as well as the mind and spirit. The Health Card is designed in healing colors. The image of the rose-colored glasses superimposed upon the well-known symbol yin yang expresses the idea that a positive attitude is related to healthy balance. The first four letters in the word health are "heal." The process of healing is a dynamic, organic and especially magic and mysterious process. This is a lovely coincidence and powerful affirmation in itself.



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