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     THE image embellishing the I Card suit which appears in The Square of Life deck depicts a spirit figure, neither male nor female, elbows resting on a decorative letter "I" in deep contemplation enjoying a happy shower of confetti. The image portrays The Soul as it welcomes kind, freeing thoughts of self-worth and discovery. The I Cards challenge and encourage users to practice bold and courageous affirmations on a continual basis. The result is an increase in self-awareness, improved self-esteem, and a sense of entitlement to the unbelievable riches of a fulfilled life. These affirmations are brief and to the point. They project a great deal of power. The ultimate truth appears on the back of the I Card;

"I have found the pearl. I am the pearl."

A loving, kind, golden image of oneself can be challenging to achieve, as the world may have one think otherwise. Without a positive self-image, however, the gifts that are held in wait for one in the outer world will always seem undeserved and out of reach until the inner world finds its way in which to bloom.




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