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     The Intuition Card is the most magical and fun of all of “The Square of Life” cards. The third eyes which peek out along the colorful decorative border are hints that the Intuition Cards are meant to serve as fliers  into the realm that is behind the door to the Fourth Dimension. This entryway is depicted on the back of the card. The dragonfly kite on the front and back of the card is the vehicle on which to hitch a ride. Intuition is also known as The Sixth Sense. Dreams and visions differ greatly from each other. Dreams are those fantastic, strange and interesting images that will sometimes evoke fear, known as nightmares. These sometimes bizarre experiences can also leave the dreamer with a smile or even a laugh. Intuition or the VISION it provides is another matter entirely. Separating the dreams from the visions is where the development of the third eye comes into play. Affirmations strengthen this sixth sense and doors of another realm fly open to give birth to incredible journeys which can lead to destinations:

"beyond our wildest dreams".





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