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     THE idea of turning straw into gold  is a richly picturesque image. The fairytale “Rumplestiltskin” takes the concept much further than the old saying originally did, which simply meant turning nothing  into something. The Prosperity Card was designed with the idea that “something” can, with effort and vision, become that golden miracle if the right steps are taken, in the right mind, with the right motives. The “too good to be true” thoughts passing through one’s mind might really be fliers into the Fourth Dimension where all is perfectly balanced into a rhythm of abundant living. Gratitude practiced on a continual basis will open the way for answers to questions that range from the very mundane to the seemingly complex and unanswerable. Gratitude acts as a catalyst to energize  what has been seen, perhaps for many years, as an intriguing vision, into a beautiful reality.




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