buffalo shaped cookie
buffalo shaped cookie and city of Buffalo map

These are the snazzy Buffalo Cookies that everyone loves...especially people who have some connection to Buffalo, New York! We couldn't decide which cookies to picture, so we're showing you the classic style. These cookies do change with the seasons. Maryelizabeth's edibleart and The Gourmet Store in Buffalo New York, offer Sno-alos decorated with sugar snowflakes for winter, Smooch-alos sporting red sugar heart all over kisses for Valentine's Day and don't forget the Ohsaycanyousee-alos for The Fourth of July. The Independence Day herd is especially stunning as it is glazed with white chocolate instead of dark, decorated with red and blue sugar crystals and has a tiny American flag attached.They are a lot of fun and worth the labor intensive attention they demand...and besides customers love them! Every year we still keep coming up with new versions. We surprise ourselves!

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