graphic of a chocolate chip cookie with a chocolate copyright symbol as a decoration copyright 2005 - 2006 Elizabeth C. Bonerb Wellsville, New York 14895 All rights reserved in allmedia. All of the images on this site are original and were created by graphic artist/pastry chef/web designer, Elizabeth Bonerb. The images are blends of photographs of actual Maryelizabeth's edibleart products, hand drawn images, and digitally enhanced images. No graphic images on this site with the exception of fonts legally obtained were designed by anyone other than the designer/owner of this site. What a great job i have. Today one of my assignments was to design the chocolate frosting C and use it to decorate the peanut butter cookie that you see to the left in order to make a fitting copyright symbol. The job is now completed...time to gobble up the star of this scene.
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decorative graphic for copyright informationcopyright informationdecorative graphics for copyright information
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