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lightbulb shaped cookies  

Don't Forget!

Maryelizabeth's edibleart bakery can help you present your bright ideas.

Maryelizabeth's edibleart bakery loves to create confectionary models for use in the design of spectacular layouts. Are you looking for someone to illustrate a cookbook with a unique blend of actual photographs of recipe items enhanced with artfully and imaginatively drawn props? Maryelizabeth's also creates a limited number of custom cookies each year which can be used as memorable and delicious ways to celebrate book signings, or other project achievements. Each lovely confection has the potential to become a "movie star". The photographs on this site are actual baked goods that were lovingly photographed by Elizabeth as they journeyed from the ovens to the hearts of many customers. If you would like to discuss a special project please call for a consultation.

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Custom Buffalo Cookies as featured by the Gourmet Store in Buffalo, New Yorkthree classic buffalo shaped cookies

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