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I want my life to flow as the same river, whether I am doing the things most generally considered ART, or engaged in the diverse aspects of LIVING.
I studied the classic artistic disciplines with a Chinese master, and I consider that part of my journey a twist of fate that kicked open the doors of my Universe. I believe that my time here is truly what I make it. I believe that there is only one true path laid out for me which will bring me closer each day to where I am meant to be. It is my job to decipher the many clues that will help this mystery unfold as it should.

As a serious and dedicated artist I have painted, sculpted, made lots of jewelry, become a henna practitioner, designed all of my own body art, laboriously designed and sewed one of a kind garments, some of which were included in the American contingent of the 1980 World Craft Fair in Vienna, learned shoemaking, and tried my hand at probably every other type of functional art. I shared some of these skills with readers of various craft magazines. That was an interesting and rewarding period of my creative life, but I never considered it the real "Work of the Heart" that continually whispered in my soul.
My major work in progress, remains a renovated, almost 2 centuries old farm house in in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountians where I live and work. During my years here I have shared my environment with flocks of peafowl, numerous varieties of swans and other migratory waterfowl, and a whole variety of other beings from big dogs to curious species of exotic insects. These days my obsession with digital art has caused me to simplify this facet of my life. My only companions now are several families of feral cats. I highly value their trust and love since it took so long to earn. I place great importance on my surroundings, because I believe that living in a nurturing, happy environment inspires me to make the world a better place for for myself and others.

It really does make sense that I have owned a gourmet bakery since 1986. I grew up surrounded by food. My ancestors were involved with food as importers, grocers, food brokers and people who loved to eat. They recognized the power of well prepared food and I am thrilled that they shared that spectacular knowledge with me.
In 1986 when I decided to pour all of my creative energy into Maryelizabeth's edible art, I felt that I would finally be able to put all of my prior experience and passion as ANARTIST to work in a way that was simple and at the same time highly complex. I was so EXCITED!!! I knew that I was standing on the edge of a great experience, and since I didn't have a JOB anymore I would have all the time I needed to create some unique and wondeful fun for my customers.
Four years ago I decided that knowledge of computer graphics and web design was missing from my repertoire. I threw myself happily into learning these complex technologies. Today I am delighted to say that I have created the kind of web site that I was only able to dream of for what seemed like an eternity.
As for my future...if it is as interesting as my past has been then I'll be satisfied with how this lifetime unfolds for me. I have some exciting plans for Maryelizabeth's edibleart as well as for a second web site which will revolve around a graphics project which is very dear to my heart. It is based on concepts made to order for people who want to find true happiness through spiritual transformation. Look for further information on this site. I am convinced more and more as time goes by that what the world needs most are cookies, smiles, beauty, and most of all love.
Best Blessings,

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