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Computer Graphics
created by artist Elizabeth Bonerb

Years ago when a colleague was excitedly telling me about her recent experimentation with computer graphics, I simply dismissed the whole idea as a second rate substitute for real talent. So many years later I now find that nothing is further from the truth. The excitement I have experienced as I took on the challenge of adding digital skills to my battery of creative tools amazes me. I feel the same sense of wonder that I used to feel years ago as I would get out of bed in the middle of the night and walk into a darkened studio to look at a work in progress to see if what I had been so excited about a few hours earlier was real. I would turn on a light quickly and stare intently at the miracle that had happened, just to assure myself that I was not dreaming. Today I still find myself staring with that amazement. "Yes...there it is ..." Click on the text under each small image to see an enlargement.


Click on this image of a  digitally enhanced image of a monarch butterfly sitting on a hand that is decorated with henna.
Click on this image of an image of a Mercedes dash with leopardskin covered steering wheel.
Click on this thumbnail of a greyscale of a Trumpeter Swan to access an enlargement.
Click on the thumbnail image of the Intuition  affirmation card to see an enlargement of the front and back.
This is a detail of flash for tattoo.

This is a type specimen designed by artist, Elizabeth Bonerb.
Type Specimen Sheet

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