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graphic og Elizabeth Bonerb's signature on painting.
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This is an enlargement of a pair of handmade shoes with red ankle ties.

Party Shoes with Red Ankle Ties
designed by Elizabeth Bonerb artist

I have had a lifelong fascination with shoes. I started making sandals many years ago. I was taught the art by a woman I met while I was teaching classes at the Albright Knox Gallery in Buffalo, New York. She had attended legendary Black Mountain College and learned to make sandals directly from Bauhaus artist Bernard Rudolfsky. I soon graduated to designing and making other types of shoes. I like to use colored leather fashioned into fun styles. My shoes have stopped traffic. The party shoes pictured are in my private collection. They make me want to dance like crazy. I don't think there is anything as wonderful as a pair of well loved handmade shoes that have formed themselves to their wearer's feet. Some of my handmade shoes are 30 years old.

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